Date: 2012-01-20 08:35 pm (UTC)
justletmeknow: (ᚾᛟᛏ)

5.) Negotiable are: "MAKE SO-AND-SO HAPPY/FALL IN LOVE WITH ME/FAIL AT (THING)" and various other low-level wishes provided we spoke with SO-AND-SO and asked how they felt about it. I think for New Moore, with characters who have a lot of potential, it might even be plausible for bigger, life-changing wishes to take place as short events during times when there are plot gaps and to have a limit on how long they go on. Also, low-level wishes can probably be discussed with other players if you want the wishes to have an affect on their character. We can also negotiate how strong Kyuubey's magic is on New Moore and/or on that particular character + put a time limit on it.

6.) The hardest part of this: Kyuubey collects energy from his magical slaves. Usually they are granted a power related to their wishes. (A girl who wished to re-do a meeting with another girl got the power to go back in time and make it happen countless times, but could never go further back than the day she met that girl for the first time. A girl who wished to heal someone else got incredible regeneration.) I'm not sure if it's plausible to do that here! The other way Kyuubey collects energy is from monsters/demons/witches the magical slaves kill. The monsters/demons generally drop these weird looking black shapes that Kyuubey eats and processes as energy. The witches are fortunately no longer an issue since I decided to take him post-canon.

As I understand it, the shadows creeping around the dark hour are remarkably close to the demons Kyuubey's girls kill so those could be used as stand-ins.

7.) The hardest thing # 2: coming up with an adverse affect for those who don't do the killing after Kyuubey grants a wish, and should it be permanent or only in effect as long as the wish is in effect? (In canon, this would inevitably kill the character!)

8.) If you sign Eridan up after reading all this, I'm going to be impressed.

9.) I would totally be ok with a wish affecting Karkat.
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