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A LOT. I have been typing this in between phone calls. WILL CLARIFY QUESTIONS. THERE IS A LOT AND NOW I MUST FOCUS 100% ON WORKS.

Sob, this is gonna be complicated. This is why I was like "HELP ME NERF HIM" to everyone.

I think I will add a "FOR THOSE NOT OF THIS CANON" post and include all this information, but maybe word it better when I get home. Kyuubey's MO (which will need to be altered since he primarily goes after little girls, but his ability isn't restricted to little girls. That's just his preference) is like the following:

1.) Approach victim (usually in a moment of weakness)

2.) Tell victim they can have one wish and/or imply a wish for them. This may or may not involve Kyuubey disclosing said wish can only be granted based on their potential (karmic burden/karmic surplus). Some wishes are not possible with a candidate's potential.

3.) "Potential" is largely based on their importance in their world. A queen would have a high amount of potential based on everything riding on her leadership, thus she would have the potential to wish for nearly-impossible wishes and to have them come true.

HS Examples of "Potential":

Tavros wouldn't have any potential. He'd be useless. Kyuubey would only contract with him if he was the last creature on New Moore and/or if he actively sought Kyuubey's contract. (Kyuubey won't deny anyone for a contract unless they can't be used at all, but he also won't waste his time chasing dead ends.)

Nepeta would not have much at all. Her possible wishes would be limited. She had no ultimate consequence in her current timeline. She would be very weak as a magical slave. He could probably give her the wish of getting a new set of markers. :l

Eridan had consequences in the timeline that probably would have built up karmic debt for killing Feferi, who would have been a good Empress. Debt/surplus karma are pretty equal when it comes to this sort of thing, so you really just had to have been important. Since he had an impact on the story, his wishes that could be granted would probably be relatively decent.

Aradia would be the most powerful and have the most potential. Kyuubey will probably chase her. Everything has been hinged on Aradia going back in time and fixing everything, thus dooming herself over and over in other timelines. Thanks to how important she is and her karmic surplus, Aradia would have the most potential for powerful wish-granting.

4.) Completely off-limits probably includes "I WISH I WAS OFF OF THIS ISLAND" or "I WANT (CHARACTER) TO DIE" or "BRING (CHARACTER) BACK!!"

(Kyuubey's wishes in canon are more like the Heart's Desire plot minus making people come back to life, except your heart's desire would never end and you'd inevitably find out it wasn't actually exactly what you wanted. For the sake of example, let's examine Johanna's heart's desire for comprehension purposes: she just wanted a house in the woods with Dante + some dogs. Her exact desire wasn't so specific as "make him never get bored, never leave, be totally forever in love with me, and never have him think of any bratty kids who he might miss who he might get antsy to see because he promised to protect them, make him always be 100% happy and content forever and never bored and always with me and me alone." Without all those exact specifications -- which wouldn't be grantable because Kyuubey would only sell ONE wish and a lot of those are several specific wishes -- that simple desire would have turned into a misery. This is why all the girls in Madoka end up absolutely miserable. The ones they wish about never do what they expect.)
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