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Our agreements which are binding on the weaker party.

This Contract, made and entered into this 18th of February, 2012, by and between Kyuubey and Dave Strider.

Kyuubey, a small and adorable pursuer of young girls who will settle for young boys if the circumstance is dire, is a magical entity with the ability to grant wishes and does so under the grounds that Dave Strider fight on Kyuubey's behalf for a duration of time which does not expire until Dave Strider ceases to exist on this plane of existence in any shape. This is hereby acknowledged by both Kyuubey and Dave Strider.

Dave Strider agrees to the following:

Kyuubey recruits Dave Strider, and Dave Strider hereby accepts his new status as a PUER MAGI for an indefinite term commencing on the date mentioned above and ending when Dave Strider ceases to exist on this plane of existence. Dave Strider understands and accepts that cessation of existence is defined as thus:

A. Dave Strider's soul no longer resides anywhere in this Universe, past or present.
B. Dave Strider's soul is in an area where Kyuubey cannot reach it.
C. Dave Strider no longer exists within New Moore or the Earth on which it is situated.

As defined in A, B, and C, these are the only times when the contract between Kyuubey and Dave Strider will expire.

Dave Strider is a magical boy ("PUER MAGI") contracted by Kyuubey. Dave Strider shall faithfully perform the normal duties of a PUER MAGI as dictated by Kyuubey in previous conversations, as may be assigned by Kyuubey in this document, and from present time to some unspecified future date.

The duties of a PUER MAGI include but are not limited to:

1. Fighting monsters.
2. Fighting witches.
3. Fighting anything Kyuubey suggests might work.
4. Collecting energy for Kyuubey.
5. Being Kyuubey's magical slave until the contract terms expire.
6. Inevitably dying for the sake of the Universe.

Upon reading this form, Dave Strider agrees to compensation in the form of Dave Strider's wish, defined as To Bring Everything From 1990AD to 2000AD in the United States and Canada "Back Into Style."

Dave Strider agrees to a full waiver of rights upon Kyuubey granting the wish specified by Dave Strider, which is still defined as the following:

To Bring Everything From 1990AD to 2000AD
in the United States and Canada "Back Into Style."

Upon reading any word in this document, Dave Strider and Kyuubey hereto have executed this contract as of the date first written.